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在本指南中,您’ll learn how to choose the equipment that works for you, watch videos that show you how to start playing drums, 和 even learn to read music.

Parts of the 鼓组

有人称它为‘drum set’其他人称之为‘drum kit’。不管您叫什么,当涉及到多少个片段以及可以用来创建声音的片段时,鼓是没有错的乐器。就本指南而言,我们’我们将专注于必要的组件,以帮助您入门。


  1. 低音鼓
  2. 小鼓
  3. High 汤姆 (or first 汤姆)
  4. Mid 汤姆 (or second 汤姆)
  5. Floor 汤姆 (or low 汤姆)

当我们说‘pieces’, we’re referring to the total number of drums in the 鼓组.

This kit is set up for a right-handed drummer. 如果你’左撇子,并想学习演奏左撇子,您可以反转此设置,使网罗在你的右边。但是,如果您习惯了使用惯用左手的工具包,将来可能会更难’曾经在需要使用别人的情况下’s drums.

低音鼓: 也称为‘kick drum’,这是套件中最大的一块。它放在地板上,有两个小‘legs’使其保持在适当的位置,并使您的节奏变低‘boom’。鼓手使用低音鼓踏板(或‘kick pedal’) with a 打浆机 (or ‘’) to strike the surface of the bass drum. Most drummers use a single pedal, but some drummers (especially metal 和 rock players) might use a double pedal for quick patterns.

小鼓: This drum sits right in front of you. 的圈套 wires beneath the drum vibrate when you strike it 和 gives it its signature sound. 如果你 want to change the amount of ‘snare’声音,此鼓有一个控制杆(或‘throw off’)和转盘,您可以用来调节张力。

汤姆汤姆: 通常缩写为‘tom’, this drum can come in a variety of sizes 和 is useful when playing drum fills 和 tribal rhythms.

踩-: 踩-是两个sit片的组合,它们在一起。他们’re mounted on a hi-hat stand, 和 the stand’s pedal allows the top hi-hat to open 和 close.

崩溃的ym片: 的se cymbals can come in a variety of sizes 和 add a burst of sound when punctuating 要么 accenting 注意s in your drum parts.

骑c Rides are usually the biggest cymbal on the kit 和 they have the biggest surface area. 您’re more likely to ‘ride’ (play consistently) on this cymbal, 和 it has a distinct ‘ping’ sound.

您’我还需要鼓皮(或‘skins’)。那里’s usually one head on the top (the batter head) 和 one head on the bottom (the resonant head) that together give the drum its full sound.


Note: 您 don’不需要鼓来学习如何演奏鼓。虽然听起来像是胡说八道,’s true – you can create rhythms on any surface (including couch cushions 和 pizza boxes). 如果你 can’买不起架子鼓或住在公寓里, 这是一些练习的替代方法。


什么对一个玩家有效’不为另一个工作。爵士鼓手获胜’不能演奏与金属鼓手完全相同的套件,因此新鼓手可能会选择与专业鼓手不同的装备。那里’s no such thing as ‘the right equipment’.

您 can buy drums, cymbals, 和 other equipment in person at a music store (the most popular chain retailers include Guitar Center in the U.S. 和 Long &加拿大的McQuade)或当地的鼓店。一些零售商出售二手鼓设备– just ask 和 see what they have in stock. 如果你’宁可在线购买设备,也可以查看Craigslist,Facebook Marketplace,Amazon, Reverb.com 要么 Sweetwater.com.


购买鼓时,您应该知道鼓(宽度或深度)越大,声音越低。许多many也是如此:越宽,音高越低。但是其他因素也会影响鼓或c的声音–包括厚度– 和 you’下一节将学习不同的材料和制造方法。


With so many different 架子鼓s out there, where should you start? As a new drummer, how do you know if the drums are good 要么 not? Do drums come in different sizes?

当谈到鼓的尺寸时,我们用英寸表示鼓的直径(例如14” 圈套 drum 要么 a 22” bass drum).

的standard five-piece 鼓组 typically comes in the following sizes:

  • 低音鼓(20”-22”)
  • 小军鼓(14”)
  • Three 汤姆s (12”/14”/16”)

您 might also come across 18” 要么 20” bass drums, 13” 圈套 drums 和 10” 要么 13” 汤姆s.

我们也使用英寸来表示鼓的深度。购买鼓时,如果您在鼓规格中看到两个数字(例如14” x 5.5”),第一个数字通常是直径,第二个数字通常是深度。自从你’重新学习玩,别’暂时不必担心大小。



的se are usually made of wood, although they can also be made of metal 要么 acrylic. 的most common woods are birch (punchy, light, 和 inexpensive) 和 maple (warm 和 full). 您 might also find drums made of oak, mahogany, walnut, 和 other exotic trees.



This is the anatomy of a 汤姆:

的se are the parts of a 圈套 drum (the one on the right has been turned upside down):


您’ll come across many drum companies, but the most popular ones for beginner drummers are Tama, Yamaha, 和 Pearl. 您 can also find great drums by Mapex 和 PDP, who both make excellent entry-level 和 professional kits, as well as Ludwig, DW, Sonor, Gretsch, 和 Ddrum.

的best 鼓组s for beginners include the Tama Rockstar, the Yamaha Stage Custom, 和 the Pearl Export. All of these sets are relatively affordable, solid 和 reliable, 和 can easily carry you forward as you improve.



A 架子鼓 can cost as little as a few hundred dollars, 要么 set you back thousands of dollars. 的sky’是鼓齿轮的质量和数量的极限。作为初学者,它’s up to you if you want to start with high quality equipment 要么 learn with the 酒吧e basics. 您r wallet might dictate that decision for you.

Some stores will sell no-name 鼓组s for as little as $150, but they’re often low quality 和 made from unconventional materials. 如果你’在预算紧张的情况下,我们建议您寻找使用更好的套件(250-450美元),该套件更容易磨损。

如果你’re buying a new 鼓组 from an established brand, you can expect to spend anywhere from $500-1000 for an entry-level kit, around $1100-1800 for an intermediate/pro level kit, 和 $2500+ for the really high quality stuff.


*All prices in this guide are in USD 和 reflect retail prices for new products unless stated otherwise.


它们曾经是由动物皮制成的(因此‘drum 皮肤’),但如今鼓面鼓是由一种名为Mylar的薄塑料制成的。大多数喷头分为一层(单层)或两层(两层)。两层头部较厚,如果您摔断,则破裂的可能性较小’重新播放重音乐。


Many 鼓组s already come with a set of heads installed. Depending on the quality of the kit, these 要么 iginal heads may be of equal quality to others on the market, 要么 they may be of lower quality. Either way, a new lower quality drumhead will probably sound better than a damaged high quality one.

Remember that we 测量 the size of a drum in inches across? 您’购买鼓皮时需要知道这一点,以确保您’重新获得适合您的鼓的尺寸。


什么时候买新的鼓皮?如果您发现痘痕或凹痕–甚至更糟的是,眼泪– you won’才能获得适当的反弹。您甚至可能发现头部伸出来,您可以’无论您收紧多少皱纹,都应消除皱纹。鼓皮会随着时间而磨损,并且’定期更换它们是一个好主意。录音室鼓手可能会为每次录制改变头,巡回鼓手可能会每隔几周改变头,而业余鼓手可能会每两年改变一次头。这完全取决于您玩的频率以及您需要该套件发出多好的声音。



如果你’重新学习弹鼓,尽量不要被赶上‘perfect sound’刚刚呢大多数鼓面对于任何初学者都适用。在本指南的后面,您’将学习如何更换鼓面和调音鼓。


的price of a drumhead can be affected by size, construction, 和 quality. A 10”鼓头的价格可能在14-20美元左右,而低音鼓头的价格从25美元到80美元不等。





Most drumsticks come in the same standard length, but there are a few that are a bit longer. 您’ll find that the tips come in different shapes 和 materials as well.

For a thorough 文章 on how to choose drumsticks, 点击 here!




Like drumheads, the market for drumsticks is relatively small. 的most popular brands are Vic Firth, Promark, 和 Vater, 和 you can find these in virtually any music store. Zildjian 和 Regal Tip sticks are also very popular. 您 might also come across smaller brands like Los Cabos 和 Wincent, 要么 niche brands like Ahead. 您’可以从任何这些公司中找到标准尺寸的鼓槌。








的se are the most common types of cymbals, 和 the ones you’您需要第一个工具包:

踩-: 踩-是两个sit片的组合,它们在一起。他们’re mounted on a hi-hat stand, 和 the stand’s pedal allows the top hi-hat to open 和 close.

崩溃的ym片: 的se cymbals can come in a variety of sizes 和 add a burst of sound when punctuating 要么 accenting 注意s in your drum parts.

骑c Rides are usually the biggest cymbal on the kit 和 they have the biggest surface area. 您’re more likely to ‘ride’ (play consistently) on this cymbal, 和 it has a distinct ‘ping’ sound.

您 might also come across cy (which look inverted 和 sound trashy when hit), splash cymbals (which look like tiny crashes), 和 other cymbals used to add more effects 和 sounds to songs. 您 don’不需要这些作为初学者鼓手,但是以后添加它们确实很有趣。


四个最著名的c制造商是Sabian,Zildjian,Paiste和Meinl。头两家公司尤其为新手和专业鼓手提供了许多不错的选择。这些是主要品牌,但市场上还有许多其他公司,例如Istanbul,Bosphorous,TRX,Soultone…the list goes on.


如果你’re buying new cymbals 和 want the most bang for your buck, you should consider getting an all-in-one cymbal pack of entry-level bronze cymbals like Zildjian ZBT 要么 Sabian XSR. 如果你’re really strapped for cash, brass cymbals like Sabian SBr, Meinl HCS, 要么 Zildjian Planet Z could be a good starting point. 您 can also often find quality used cymbals on your local classifieds.


您 can get low-end brass cymbals for under $40, but it’最好获得入门级的青铜,以获得最佳的声音和耐用性。碰撞的价格从30美元到700美元不等,骑行from的价格从75美元到650美元不等,踩hi的价格从60美元到750美元不等。如您所见,它’很难正确回答of成本多少的问题。

Expect to spend around $80 for an entry-level crash, around $90 for an entry-level 骑, 和 around $80 for entry-level hi-hats.



如果你 bought a 架子鼓 that didn’随附硬件(例如座椅或c架),您’需要完成几件事以完成设置。

的se are the most common types of drum hardware, 和 you’需要所有这些来构建标准的五件式设置:

鼓宝座: This is your seat. Thrones come with either three 腿 (most common) 要么 four 腿 (most stable). 的y can be raised 要么 lowered 和 typically have a round 要么 tractor-style seat.

架: 您’每个c片需要一个架子(踩-除外)。这些支架具有三支脚(单支架或双支架,以提高稳定性),可以升高和降低。 hi架的两种最常见类型(除了踩most架)是直架和吊杆架。直立的架子像望远镜一样向上扩展,并且在鼓周围的放置选项有限。动臂架不仅向上膨胀,而且还有一个额外的‘arm’伸出侧面,可以使c更靠近您。

踩hat架: This stand uses a pedal to raise 和 lower the top hi-hat, which will give you a washy sound when it’s open 和 more of a ‘chick’ sound when closed.

军鼓架: 您r 圈套 goes on this stand! Use it to control the height 和 the angle of the drum.

低音鼓踏板: This connects to your bass drum. 当你 use your foot to push down the pedalboard, it lowers the 槌 (‘beater’) to strike the front of the drum. 的打浆机 can be made of different materials like plastic, wood 和 felt.

From left to right: 圈套 stand, hi-hat stand, straight stand, 繁荣 stand.


当你’重新寻找硬件,您 ’可能会看到诸如直布罗陀,珍珠,多摩,DW和雅马哈的名字。这些公司中的大多数公司还制造鼓(除了专门从事五金制品的直布罗陀之外)。其他鼓公司也生产硬件。

如果你’d想购买一个质量好的全能低音鼓踏板’s solid enough for both beginners 和 pros, consider a Tama Iron Cobra 要么 a Pearl Eliminator.


您 can save a lot of money by buying used hardware. 如果你’为了选择所有新产品,鼓座的价格从30美元(非常基本)到350美元(坚固,额外的可调性和舒适性)不等。踩hat架的价格从50美元到500美元不等,但您平均可以花80美元左右。

Straight stands ($30-100) are usually a bit less expensive than 繁荣 stands ($40-150). 您 can buy a cheap 圈套 stand for $25 要么 a good one for $100+. And for a single bass drum pedal, expect to spend anywhere from $40 (low end) to $150+ (pro).



当你 can start with foam earplugs, they tend to block out too much sound 和 can make it hard to hear yourself. 您 can look for high-fidelity silicone earplugs that only block the most dangerous frequencies.

如果你’要和歌曲一起演奏或与 节拍器,你’要么需要保护耳朵(当您通过耳塞听音乐时),隔离耳机或不戴耳塞的入耳式耳机’t let your cymbals’高频会损坏您的耳膜。

For more info on the types of hearing protection 和 how drummers can prevent hearing loss, read this 文章.




首先,请确保您在架子鼓上放一块地毯或地毯,这样他们就可以’t slide around.

Next, set up your throne 和 圈套 stand. Loosen the wingnut closest to the feet, pull out the 腿, then tighten.

现在打开所有c架(踩-架除外)。松开最靠近脚的蝶形螺母,拉出腿,然后在腿的大部分开口处拧紧(不要’t open them 100% 要么 your stand will lose balance). 您 can now loosen the telescoping sections of the stand, raise the stand to the height you want, 和 tighten again.

Pull out the 腿 of the hi-hat stand. Make sure the 基础 of the pedal is touching the ground. 您 can now raise 要么 lower the height.


Place the 圈套 on the 圈套 stand 和 set it down in front of you. Adjust the height of the stand if you need to. 的top of the 圈套 should be just below your belt buckle while sitting, 和 the drum should be relatively flat (a slight angle toward you is fine).

Position the hi-hat stand so your left foot rests naturally on the hi-hat pedal. 您 should angle this stand away from you (slightly to the left).

Add the 汤姆s. 如果你 have a 汤姆 holder on the bass drum, the smallest 汤姆 should go on your left 和 the mid 汤姆 should go on the right. 的last (and biggest) 汤姆 should be close to your right leg 和 easily accessible.

如果你 have two crash cymbal stands, make sure they’重新相等的高度。在高音鼓的左侧放置一个,在中音鼓的右侧放置一个。通常,用于c架的支架比碰撞时要低得多。将其放在您的右侧,就在汤姆上方。


最后,添加撞击声和声。松开支架的上螺母。卸下蝶形螺母和顶部毛毡。确保在那里’s a plastic ‘sleeve’(它可以防止ym摩擦–可以这么说)。将the放在架子上,使其放在底部毛毡上,然后放回顶部毛毡和蝶形螺母。唐’t过度收紧或c the’击中时不能移动足够。调整支架,使the稍微向您倾斜(我们的意思是正好)。



当你’重新设置套件时,您应该考虑人体工程学:如何放置所有东西,以便您’re comfortable 和 not straining 要么 reaching. 如果你 can find the setup that works best for your body, you’不太可能遭受压力伤害。


您’需要一个鼓键来改变鼓面和调音。它’s a small tool that comes with the 鼓组 if you’re buying it new. 如果你 bought used drums, you can buy a drum key for a few dollars at any music store. This is what it looks like:

使用鼓键松开 拉力杆 绕圈。一旦他们’re all loose, pull them out 和 remove the hoop. If there was already an old head on the drum, remove it 和 use a damp cloth to wipe down the inside of the drum 和 the 轴承边缘 (外壳的顶部边缘)。

Place the new drumhead on the drum. Replace the hoop 和 put the 拉力杆 back in. Use your fingers to screw in the rods until you start to feel resistance (aka ‘finger tight’). Now you’re ready to tune!


“Tune drums? But isn’这是一种有节奏的乐器吗?”是否要让每个鼓演奏特定的‘note’是否需要调整鼓声才能获得良好的声音。当你’重新学习如何打鼓,你’如果声音和感觉都不错,将会更有灵感继续鼓。



无论’s a 圈套 drum, a bass drum 要么 a 汤姆, once you’ve 手指紧ened your 拉力杆, you’重新准备调音。以星状移动,给每个 拉杆 一整圈。打鼓。如果听起来平坦,则将每个杆再转四分之一圈。确保头部没有皱纹。

For 圈套 drums, you can make it tight right away. Toms don’您无需花太多时间就可以找到最佳解决方案。低音鼓是关于打击和响应的,所以您可以从刚开始收紧到足以抚平皱纹并从那里开始尝试。

如果你r bass drum echoes too much for your liking, you can put a blanket 要么 towel inside.



A-one, a-two, a-one, two, three, four! 的most important thing about drumming is keeping time. In a band, the other musicians are relying on you to be their 节拍器. 您 learned to count a long time ago, but here’在击鼓的背景下如何做。

In most popular music, the most important number is four. 如果你 clap along to a song on the radio, you’大概会拍打四分音符脉冲(一,二,三,四)。一种‘bar’ (or ‘measure’) can be divided into four quarter 注意s. Being able to count 酒吧s 和 quarter 注意s will help you stay 要么 ganized when you’重新学习您的第一个鼓点和鼓点。

So a 酒吧 can be subdivided into four quarter 注意s. 您 want to count each 注意 in the 酒吧 from one to four. Sometimes, we’ll add ‘and’ (usually indicated with a plus sign, +) to stay on time 和 divide the counts further.

It’s easier to stay on track if you count out loud. Turn on a rock 要么 pop song 和 try it while clapping 要么 轻拍ping on your 腿.

A 酒吧 of four quarter 注意s can be divided into a 酒吧 of eight eighth 注意s, 和 can be further divided into sixteen sixteenth 注意s 要么 thirty-two thirty-second 注意s, but you’在下一节中将了解更多有关此的内容。



这里 are the very basic concepts you should know if you want to start reading drum music.



的staff is made up of lines 和 spaces, each of which represents a different part of the 鼓组. On the left hand side you might see two short vertical lines (‘percussion clef’),表示您’重新看鼓音乐。


This is a roadmap that shows you which 注意 in which position corresponds with which drum 要么 cymbal.

Note 和 rest value

Each 注意 (or rest, the absence of 注意s) has a value, 要么 duration. In non-percussion music, this might mean that you hold a 注意 for a certain period of time. For drums, all you need to worry about for now is the position of these 注意s 要么 rests.


的time signature tells you how many 击败s (or pulses) are in a 酒吧, 和 the 注意 value (duration) of each 击败. In a time signature, the number on top is the number of 击败s per 酒吧, 和 the number on the bottom is the 注意 value.

In 4/4, the pulse is 基础d on four quarter 注意s.

In 3/4, the pulse is 基础d on three quarter 注意s.

In 6/8, the pulse is 基础d on six eighth 注意s.

这些只是三个常见的时间签名’ll find in most music. 您 might also see 2/4, 5/4 和 7/8, among others.


One other thing to 注意 is how we talk about tempo (speed). We 测量 the rate we play music using Beats Per Minute (BPM)。的‘beat’ usually refers to the quarter 注意. 60 BPM is slow to mid tempo, 和 120 BPM is relatively fast.


您 might see some drum exercises labeled with Rs 和 Ls. 的se are usually to be played on one drum, 和 can be referred to as ‘sticking’。 R指的是用右手的棍子敲击鼓,L指的是用左手敲击鼓。因此,如果您看到RLRL,则表示右手/左手/右手/左手。 R和L的组合可以有很多变化,也可以在脚上演奏。

This exercise shows the 坚持 for a 天堂:



Like a simplified version of standard notation, drum tabs use a staff 和 legend. 的se are the basic abbreviations you’ll see on tabs:


T1: First 汤姆
T2: Second 汤姆
FT 要么 T3: Floor 汤姆 要么 third 汤姆

(x或X [重音])



大多数鼓手使用 匹配的抓地力, which means both hands are in a similar downturned position. However, many marching drummers 和 jazz drummers use 传统握把, which has one hand turned up 和 one turned down. In this guide, we’将重点放在常见的匹配抓地力上。

用略微卷曲的手指放松手,有点像您’d hold a pencil. Place one stick into that hand so the butt of it touches the fleshy part of your palm (by your pinky finger). Most of the control will come from your thumb, index finger, 和 middle finger, so you can lightly let your ring 和 pinky fingers curl around the end of the stick. 您 want your hand to be around three-quarters of the way down the stick.

您 can see how the drummer is loosely cradling the sticks in this picture:

一旦您r placement looks like this, turn your palms down:

说到抓地力,许多初学者鼓手会犯两个关键错误:‘pointing’ the index finger along the stick, 和 holding the stick too tight (the ‘death grip’). Make sure you don’不要养成这些坏习惯!


德国握把: 掌心放下,在每次击中都需要强大力量时很有用。

美式抓地力: 手微微转起来,很好‘base’大多数演奏风格的位置。

法式握把: 竖起大拇指,适合复杂,控制的演奏或较轻的笔触。




Listen to a song 和 轻拍 your foot. 您’re probably 轻拍ping on the quarter 注意s. 您 can also clap along 要么 just ‘air drum’ on your 腿 to get the rhythm.


Check out this podcast episode 和 10 tips for new drummers.




传统的节拍器是机械的,但是大多数现代的节拍器(也称为‘click’) are digital. 您 can buy a dedicated electronic 节拍器 要么 download an app like 节拍器专业版, 速度, 要么 MetroTimer。大多数数字节拍器还带有每个脉冲的可视表示。

Earlier in this guide, we mentioned that we 测量 the rate we play music using Beats Per Minute (BPM). Set the 节拍器 to 50 BPM. Each pulse represents a quarter 注意. Count out loud along with it to get a sense of the 击败: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +.

How to play drum 击败s

您 can play an infinite number of patterns on the drums, but first you need to get the basics. This is your very first drum 击败. 一旦您 nail this, you’将能够播放您在收音机中听到的许多歌曲。

To build your first 击败, focus on just three 件: hi-hat, 圈套, 和 bass drum.

(在视频中,Jared数到8。如果’s easier to follow along with the video for now 和 count twice as many numbers, you can ignore this paragraph. It all sounds the same in the end.)

For each quarter 注意 ‘tap’, you want to 轻拍 twice on the hi-hat, making sure the 注意s are evenly spaced. Count to four –一二三三– 和 then restart counting to four again. Add the 圈套 drum when you count two 和 four.

Now forget about the 圈套 drum. 当你 play the hi-hat part, add the bass drum on counts one 和 three.

接下来,让’s put it all together. 低音鼓 on one 和 three, 圈套 drum on two 和 four, 和 hi-hats the whole way through.

Start at 60 BPM. 当你’重新准备,您可以加快速度。尝试65 BPM。什么时候’稳固,上升到70。最终,您’ll be able to do this at 100 BPM 和 faster, but that’s for later.

一旦您 can play this simple rock 击败, try learning a basic drum fill.


鼓填充(为‘fill-in’) is a pattern 要么 击败 that is used to transition between two sections of music. Many songs use a drum fill to transition from a verse to a chorus. When practicing, you might play a fill at the end of a four 要么 eight 酒吧 phrase.


For an 文章 that walks you through the full video, 点击 here.

This fill only lasts for one 酒吧, so we call it a ‘one 酒吧 fill’。大声计数时,您会在小军鼓上演奏四个音符(四个八分音符,即–演奏所需的时间与两个四分音符的演奏时间相同),然后是第一个音色的两个音符和第二个音色的两个音符。观看上面的完整视频以获取详细的演示。

Try playing one 酒吧 of a simple rock 击败, then playing this fill. 您 can also play three 酒吧s of that 击败 before going into the fill.




Rudiments are fundamental 坚持 patterns that help make up the foundation of drumming. Some are most commonly used in 圈套 drumming 和 marching bands, but you can find many across all genres of music.

有40个基本的鼓基础. 您’ve probably heard of the most common one: the single stroke roll, 要么 drum roll! It alternates right 和 left strokes: RLRLRLRL.

的double stroke roll means playing two strokes on the right 和 two strokes on the left: RRLLRRLL.

的paradiddle combines single 和 double strokes: RLRRLRLL.

烈焰 is a quiet 注意 played ever so slightly before a louder stroke: lR rL lR rL.

一旦您’熟悉击鼓的基础知识,使您的演奏更加有趣 最佳初学者鼓书中的五个想法.



Start with some dynamic stretches (like wrist circles, elbow pivots, 和 shoulder circles) 30 times in each direction.


在这部影片中 ’将学习如何通过在鼓周围移动来使整个身体变热。如果它’s too fast right now, cut the tempo in half 和 slow down the video.



如果你 don’t have regular access to a 鼓组, you can get a practice pad (a quiet rubber pad for practicing patterns). This is a good way to work on your 坚持 和 keep your wrists 和 臂s moving when you aren’t on the kit.

始终按计划进行练习。确保知道要完成的工作。您正在特定拍子上吗?您是否想将速度提高10 BPM?您正在学习一首新歌吗?保持练习的多样化,也会激励您发挥更多。

无论您是否每天尝试练习’re setting aside 30 minutes 要么 two hours. 如果你 can get into a regular routine, you’我会开始发现很难跳过练习,而你’ll find that you’比您更快地改善’d ever imagined.

To read the full 文章 on setting up a solid practice routine, 点击 here.


在那里时’教自己打鼓没什么错(尤其是 abundance of online videos 和 resources),许多新鼓手可以与鼓老师一起更快地进步。有几种方法可以找到一种。

本地鼓课程: 您 can talk to your local music shop 和 ask if they have any private drum teachers. 您 can also sometimes find teachers advertising in your local classifieds. With a local drum teacher, they will be able to see what you’这样做并迅速帮助您纠正任何问题。

Skype课程: Many drummers offer remote lessons by Skype 要么 other video platforms. 您 can find established players on social media (Instagram is a good start) 和 see if any of your favorite drummers give lessons. While they aren’他们站在你旁边’仍然能够很好地了解您的技巧并很好地聆听您的演奏。

在线课程:鼓类教育平台 德鲁梅奥 have a huge archive of video courses 和 lessons for any playing level 和 style. 您’我还将能够获得策划的课程计划,以确保您’重新步入正轨,以自然的方式前进。您可以发送自己正在播放的视频,并请老师回应提示和建议。


In this podcast episode, we go more into depth on what to look for in a drum teacher 和 any red flags to watch out for:

有关在鼓老师中查找内容的更多提示, 在这里阅读文章。




  1. 没有预热: 您r body is part of your instrument. 如果你 aren’比赛前热身,您赢了’不能做那么多,你’re more likely to injure yourself, 和 you’以后很可能会很痛。
  2. 不保护您的耳朵: 如果你 don’佩戴耳罩可能会导致听力下降,这不仅会影响您的音乐生活,还会影响您的余生。
  3. 的‘death grip’: 这是最终的不良技术习惯。太用力地握住木棍会使演奏变得困难,赢了’t sound 要么 feel good, 和 can cause an injury.
  4. 忽略您的非主要手或脚: While learning new rhythms 和 techniques, many new drummers focus on their stronger hand 要么 foot. 如果你 ignore the weaker one, you risk sounding inconsistent (especially when playing drum fills) 和 might find it difficult to keep up with more difficult patterns.
  5. 没有节拍器的练习: 是,‘鼓手是节拍器’, but you’是一个人,而不是机器人。节拍器是确保您工作的关键’re keeping good time, especially in the beginning. 您 might play a 击败 和 think you’准时演奏,但演奏节拍器会使您保持诚实,暴露出任何不一致之处,并使您成为更坚实的鼓手。
  6. 未设定目标: It’如果您只想学习一些有趣的节奏来入门,那很好。但是许多新鼓手’t know where to go from there. 如果你 set goals, you know what to work toward. Without a destination, it’很容易迷路。
  7. 继续前进’re ready: 正如他们所说,完美的实践才是完美的。它’说你一个坏主意“good enough”关于你之前的技能或模式’ve mastered it. 您 will end up struggling with more advanced skills because you don’有坚实的基础。花时间完善自己’在继续前进之前继续努力。

这里’世界上什么’顶级鼓手必须在做之前说太多’re ready:


无论您如何学习,打鼓都是一种耐心的游戏。那里’没有灵丹妙药,也没有取得进步的捷径。这需要认真练习和重复。但是,您越努力地工作,您就越早’会改善,让您更开心’ll have.





这里 are some beginner lessons for jazz, latin, rock, 和 metal:




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